Abarth division plans to introduce new models next year image

Abarth intends to expands its line-up and dealership network, says the man in charge with Fiat’s performance brand.

Fiat’s Abarth division is relaying only on tuned version of the “little” Fiat 500. Even so, the performance unit is on track to hit sales of 10,000 cars this year, a 50 hefty percent increase compared to 2014. The projection was made by the head of Abath, Paolo Gagliardo, which also said in order to stimulate the demand, the brand will launch a new model, but did not reveal specifics about it. In an interview by Automotive News, head of marketing Fabrizio Simoni revealed that Abarth will add to its range versions of Fiat’s 500X subcompact crossover and the new Fiat 124 Spider, without mentioning when this models are to be exposed to the public.

“We want to keep growing and stabilize at a certain level,” Gagliardo said. He also told the brand will expand its dealerships network in the near future, from 300 present sales points to 750. “It’s a huge business opportunity. Our cars are premium-priced,” he said, adding that Abarth variants of the Fiat 500 start at 18,000 euros compared with a the 13,600 starting price for a base 500 variant in Italy. The numbers only grow from there. “You find new Abarths selling for up to 40,000 euro even 50,000 euros,” said Gagliardo, who did not want to disclose Abarth’s average profit margin.

The highest sales numbers for Abarth are to be found in the UK and Italy markets, Gagliardo said. In the UK, the brand wants to increase its dealerships to 105 by the end of next year from 68 now, according to spokesman. The third-biggest market is Japan, where the 124 Abarth will be built alongside the 124 Spider, the source said.

Via Automotive News