Abarth employees being investigated for stealing over 1m euros in parts image

Fiat employees working under the Abarth brand have been placed under investigation after reports have indicated the stealing of over 1 million euro ECUs and selling them on the internet.

According to the Italian media, ten Fiat employees are being investigated for stealing 1.37 million euro after they took out the ECUs and sold them online for 300 euro even if an ECU costs 1.500 euro. The thieves have been caught after many dealerships have complained they didn’t get the parts delivered after they have been ordered and paid.

The ten employees who stole over 1 million euro from Fiat were working at the Mirafiori, Torino plant and the parts in question were being destined to Abarth models. The Italians have made a tidy profit and they would have continued if several dealers didn’t complain that parts weren’t being delivered to them.

The Fiat employees are currently being investigated by the police and if they will be found guilty they could stay several years in prison.