Abarth says the hardcore 500X is a go and there also may be room for 124 Spider WRC image

The high-performance Italian brand belonging to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has recently stated they would develop a tuned variant of the Fiat 500X subcompact crossover and the reported WRC-spec 124 Spider may indeed be in the works.

The seventh largest automaker in the world appears to put a lot of faith in its Abarth high-performance brand as it intends to boost the number of dealerships from the current 300 units to at least 750 in the near future. That would go together with the model expansion, after the unit posted great results this year – getting ready to deliver 10, 000 autos throughout the entire year, a 50 percent jump from the figures posted last year. Abarth has also confirmed an important piece of information – the range increase will include the introduction of a hotter Fiat 500X crossover – the model has already been spied while undergoing testing and will come with a dual exhaust and larger wheels to solidify the performance changes operated under the hood.

Meanwhile, Abarth’s chief, Paolo Gagliardo, also said a completely new model would be introduced in 2016, but the rumor mill says it’s not the 500X version, expected later in the timeline, but rather the hotter 124 Spider. Apparently early testers have already seen a mock-up of the Abarth 124 Spider – meaning the reveal is closing in and other sources have also hinted the parent company FCA plans to deliver a motorsport version of the Abarth 124 Spider tipped to compete in the WRC.

Via Automotive News Europe

  • eddieo

    It is absolutely pathetic to see that with all the urgency of catastrophic climate change, the greedy are still pushing more internal combustion engines. Willful casing damage should be considered criminal – and someday soon will be,

    How about putting those resources towards doing something positive for a change?