ABT repacks the German Audi RS6-R in Edizione Italiana image

It’s curious about the German aftermarket specialist firm that tuned a very German high-performance car and ultimately decided to name it Edizione Italiana. So, let’s find out what the case is about.

We’re hoping it’s not about how much Italian cars tend to break down, old or new. ABT Sportsline is a well known Audi tuner, and its previous works on the Audi RS6 are well known. As part of the ongoing 120-years anniversary of the firm, ABT has awarded its Facebook fans with the RS6-R Edizione Italiana. This is a bespoke, one-time customization design to depict exactly the wide range of customization possibilities on offer at ABT. This is because the company is the largest global tuner for VW or Audi vehicles.

ABT repacks the German Audi RS6-R in Edizione Italiana 1

And since the most powerful factory iteration of the RS6 only gets 605 horsepower, we can’t blame anyone taking their high-performance ride to ABT. The aftermarket specialist will play and fiddle around and come up with a total of 730 HP. The added oomph will enable the RS6-R to get to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.3 seconds, while the maximum speed reaches the 199 mph (320 km/h) milestone. Inside the one-off, while ABT tells us we can have anything from green-Hulk wheels to a pink trunk, we do get a more restrained approach with glossy carbon fiber, Alcantara leather and a small token appreciation to the Italian nation via small flags on the backrests and dash.