ABT reveals its take on the anniversary VW Golf GTI Clubsport image

Because the Golf GTI turns 40 years old this year, the automaker celebrated the feat with the great Clubsport version – which also spawned that insane Clubsport S taking down the Nurburgring record for front-wheel drive cars.

There are numerous hot hatches around the markets right now – you could go for a very toned down Renault Clio RS, or for the new king of the block – the Ford Focus RS. But ABT is more interested in the 40-year old virgin category – sorry, Golf GTI owner category. For those the Clubsport might do wonders – but also leave a sore taste because there’s that S version that played around on the Green Hell and all. Fret not, because ABT trumps that with 340 horsepower under the hood – and we’re left wondering how is that power reaching the asphalt?

ABT reveals its take on the anniversary VW Golf GTI Clubsport 2

The 40 years anniversary GTI Clubsport has for starters a great 265 horsepower – but ABT went to 340 PS and also updated the torque from 350 to 430 Nm. The Golf owner does have the option of taking a regular GTI to other, more relaxed power levels: 290, 300 or 315 horsepower. ABT is also planning the whole nine yards – custom headlight lids, a chin spoiler, side skirts and quad exhaust system – for the Clubsport, the same as was the case with the regular GTI. Already out and about are the ABT Sportsline alloy wheels, the CR, DR, ER-C and FR from 8.5 x 18 to 9.0 x 20’’.