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The German automaker hasn’t even started thinking about the possibility of delivering an Arteon R to compete against the high-performance sedans of the world, but fret not, there’s a quick fix for that.

Volkswagen is well known for not being the one to invest in wild things – such as a good diesel that will be on par with emissions standards or powerful machines just for the sake of owning a halo car – and for that latter part tuners are eternally grateful. That’s because VW fans are in abundance, and so are the ones looking for a little extra oomph for their German machine. With the all-wheel-drive Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TSI gunning for 280 hp regular customers might be satisfied, but there are of course diehard fans that remember VW was once offering the predecessor model – the CC – with a V6 option as well.

ABT VW Arteon is a sedan on steroids 4

The aftermarket expert has seemingly decided to deploy its “legendary engine control unit,” probably an unassuming kit that will deliver a healthy power bump to 336 hp – which is 56 hp up from the standard level. Torque has naturally reached its own peak as well – up from the standard 350 Newton meters (258-pound feet) to a throaty 420 Nm (310 lb-ft). Aside from the engine tuning, ABT has also reworked the suspension with new, lower springs, a bespoke set of 19-inch alloy wheels with a two tone look – or alternatively the customer can have 20 or 21 sets for an even shinier look.