AC Schnitzer is tenderly upgrading the Jaguar F-Pace image

AC Schnitzer has been known for its predilection for only modifying over the past three decades models from BMW, Mini and Land Rover – but the German aftermarket specialist is now broadening its views.

Schnitzer’s new Jaguar F-Pace mod is certainly desirable – especially since this is a very restrained project compared to what they usually put out on the flashy aftermarket scene. Naturally, the design cues are still noticeable – there’s new front end with carbon fiber diffuser for the “R-Sport,” “S,” “Pure,” “Prestige,” or “Portfolio” trims, and there’s also a rear roof wing for some added style and downforce. The tuner also fitted the British crossover with its AC2 alloy wheels – these 22 inchers can be opted in black and silver, or black and anthracite. Meanwhile the interior gets another subdued stance – AC Schnitzer-branded floor mats and a matching branded key fob are the only additions.

AC Schnitzer is tenderly upgrading the Jaguar F-Pace 2

At the back reside stainless steel “Sport” and “Sport Black” exhaust tips that will be mated to the F-Pace 2.0-liter or 3.0-liter diesel. A sound module even comes with six different settings – but you may be more interested in the AC Schnitzer suspension kit that brings the SUV closer to the ground by 20 millimeters at the front and 25 millimeters at the back. AC Schnitzer has unfortunately remained mum on the pricing, and they also didn’t reveal any upgrades for the powertrain – at least for now.