Accident on Exhibition Road, London image

Less than two weeks after Exhibition Road was opened, a 25-year man was hit by a Scania lorry, causing him head injuries.

The Exhibition Road is known as home to the Victoria & Albert Museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum, and it was recently redesigned for £29 million. It now features a high-grade Chinese granite surface, textured paving to assist blind people, but the drawback is the leveled the road and pavement, with no yellow lines or road signs to mark the two surfaces. What is even more frustrating is the fact that the officials thought that a 20mph speed limit would reduce accidents by 30%.

Decio Barroso, manager of The Kensington Crêperie, said: “The guy was crossing the road and a huge truck drove slowly and hit him. The guy was lying on the floor, shaking and screaming. The driver jumped out of the cab to help and a couple helped too.”

For the moment the accident is under investigation, but urges have been made to the council to improve the pedestrian safety. Police is not classifying the accident as a serious one that is why there are no plans to lower the 20mph limit. The council said that the new layout’s usage will be monitored.