Actev Motors is a Silicon Valley startup that has recently come out with its first product – the Arrow Smart-Kart is aimed at kids ages 5 to 9.

Tony Fadell is better known as the CEO and co-founder of Nest, but he is also the co-founder of Actev Motors, a startup from Silicon Valley. The “Arrow Smart-Kart” is an all-electric and highly customizable go-kart that should make kids aged 5 to 9 very happy. It packs built-in Wi-Fi and GPS as well as geo-fence capabilities, so the smart part is well covered, with parents able to set up safe driving areas via a smartphone app. Safety is paramount when talking about your kid so the Arrow Smart-Kart even has proximity sensors to detect obstacles and if an imminent crash becomes apparent it will have an automatic collision avoidance system. The electric go-kart can reach up to 19.3 kph (12 mph), but parents can pre-set a lower electronically-limited velocity.

Actev Motors unveils its first product – the Arrow Smart-Kart 4

It tips the scales at 73 pounds (33 kilograms), with the Arrow Smart-Kart built around a steel chassis and being propelled by two 250-watt electric motors linked to pneumatic rubber tires. A plethora of body kits are available, along with a double lithium-ion battery pack and there’s even a drift kit (two drift rings attachable over the rear tires to lower friction). The model is not for everyone as the entry-level option kicks off at $999.95, with the optional being the $49.95 drift kit, $149.95 double battery, $49.95 rapid charger, and a Formula 1-like body kit for an extra $149.95. Deliveries are starting this summer in the United States and Canada.


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