Action: Ferrari 458 Spider at Amalfi Coast in Italy [Video] image

Ferrari’s exclusive new 8-cylinder, the 458 Spider was unveiled to the public at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show.

After we’ve seen Ferrari has released a new video that’s even more interesting, as it shows the Spider being flung along beautifyul roads by the Mediterranean coastline (Amalfi Coast, Reggia di Caserta and other locations).

What we can say: those beautiful roads and this car are a perfect match.

The new 458 Spider is powered by Ferrari’s 570 CV 4,499 cc V8 which was named International Engine of the Year 2011. For the first time in a mid-engined supercar, the 458 features a power-folding aluminum hardtop that can deploy or stow in in14 seconds, without compromising too much of the interior cabin space.

And there’s more. Aside from Ferrari chopping the top off the 458 and giving the 2012 a retractable hard top, Ferrari also chose to alter the car’s throttle mapping, suspension tuning and “engine soundtrack”. It claims a 0-100 km/h speed of only 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 320 km/h. Its reported fuel consumption is 11.8 L/100km, with CO2 emissions of 275 g/km.

The convertible is expected to carry a base price tag higher than the hardtop 458 Italia, which starts at $227,325.