Actor Julien Chabbott has been recently sued for 10 million USD after he ran over a cop’s foot with his Ferrari 458 Italia, who wanted to give him a parking ticket.

When we wrote the initial news about a week ago, we didn’t know who was the guy driving the Ferrari 458 Italia but now the automotive media “gives” him a name too, Julien Chabbott, but we still don’t know who he is. The same automotive media says that Chabbott is Stephanie Pratt’s boyfriend but we’re back from where we started and, besides the fact that we didn’t hear about them before, we actually don’t care, because justice is about to be made.

The 34-year old assaulted cop, named Felix Recio, from Queens, has decided to sue Julien Chabbott for no less than 10 million USD and he also hired a lawyer, Sal Strazzullo. The actor will be sued for personal injury but according to Chabbot’s lawyer, the policeman is faking the injury. The court will have to settle this whole incident. If you don’t know how this story began, just scroll down and click play.



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