Acura follows Subaru and mulls awd introduction to enhance appeal image

Do you know the unlikely name of a very hot-selling brand in America? If you said Subaru, you were correct. The small Japanese manufacturer is enjoying a great sale run in the US.

Subaru is actually in the course of terminating a factory production deal with Toyota (a shareholder in Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industries) because it needs more local output to cope with demand. So, there’s no surprise the competition is studying its playbook. And, when you say Subaru – besides rallying and boxer engines – one thing comes in mind: all wheel drive.

Honda’s luxury brand Acura has always been a Cinderella on the US market – always kept in the back by its bigger Japanese sisters – Lexus and Infiniti – and always looking for the right Prince to give it its much needed praise and attention.

Now, because fairytales are not actually real, Acura has taken a hands-on approach and wants to place all-wheel drive at the forefront of its revival strategy – much as Subaru did during the 1990s.

Acura’s new US Business Planning Office that was created back in February to head the brand’s American strategy backs the ambitious plan. The make is also in the process of introducing new-generation technology for its models. The only problem is that Acura has renewed in the last three years most of its models and introducing the awd on all nameplates could take many years.