Acura NSX is said to be the most expensive car made in the US image

The new generation of Acura’s NSX supercar is to become the most expensive car built in the US, according to analysts.

Honda’s luxury brand Acura is making the finishing touches at its new Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, in United States, as it prepares to officially start the production of the highly-anticipated second generation NSX. The hybrid-supercar is set to begin its new life in late April, the automaker announced last week, and when it does, is said to be the most expensive car made in the United States. “It’s right there at the top,” believes Matt DeLorenzo, managing editor at Kelley Blue Book. But there is also another costly supercar coming this year on the continent, as Ford will launch its 400,000 dollars 2016 Ford GT. However, the new GT will be built in Canada by Multimatic Inc, as opposed to the previous generation which was built in Detroit.

Acura plans to make around 800 NSXs this year and the enthusiasts can already place the order in the US for a 156,000 dollars starting price, which can be stretched up to 205,700 dollars for the top configuration. Customer deliveries for the US-Specs model are expected to start shortly after April, while the Europeans fans will meet the new supercar sometime in fall. Acura is also taking into account a hard-core NSX Type R in the near future, as well as a convertible version.