Acura skips Super Bowl ad campaign, but gets support from Seinfeld image

Jerry Seinfeld, the famous comedian that we all remember from his eponymous 1990s television show that discussed how nothing can impact day to day life is a famous petrol head – so showing interest in Acura’s $150, 000 NSX is a powerful endorsement.

That’s even as media attendees knew nothing about Seinfeld’s interest in the car and were baffled to see him attending the Detroit motor show for the first time. He was on the floor of the North American International Auto Show as an endorsement for one of the top attractions of the 2015 edition – Acura’s new NSX supercar. According to Mike Accavitti, Acura’s senior vice president, Seinfled asked to be present during Honda’s worldwide debut of the production series Acura NSX supercar. “He stopped in for the show, took a little stroll around first, sat in on our car and said it was fantastic,” Accavitti later commented in an interview. Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” show on Sony’s Crackle online video channel is sponsored by Acura – after the comedian and premium automaker first teamed up for the 2012 Super Bowl ad of the latter.

Accavitti also discussed the carmaker’s implication – or lack of – in the Super Bowl on February 1, saying the company has elected not to show an ad during this year’s edition even if it has the production-version NSX ready for fans to buy for the second half of the year. Honda is revising its strategy after falling short of some goals last year, while quality issues plagued the company’s usually spotless image in the field.

Via Bloomberg