ADAC warns against tachometer fraud image

According to a study of the car club and the University of Magdeburg, the ADAC is pointing the finger on automakers, as every third car in Germany has fake mileage – and this is primarily due to the manufacturers doing little to protect the speedometer against fraud.

So, the ones that are paying the bill for this fraud are the car buyers, as Germany is the biggest market for second hand vehicles not only for residents, but also for a lot of clients from the neighboring countries.

After last year the ADAC sounded the alarm – a third of the vehicles in use on the roads have their speedometer manipulated, the study performed alongside the University of Magdeburg confirms the problem and the fact that automakers do little to stop this problem – the ADAC estimates the losses from this grey area at around six billion euros.

For the study at hand, scientists of the working group “Multimedia and Security” at the University of Magdeburg examined the vehicle electronics of three common German cars. They found deficient protected software functions that are used by scammers later. The “tacho-trickster” could change the mileage of a car easily and quickly with a freeware manipulation device.

Via Manager Magazin