ADAC Withdraws From FIA After Mosley Wins Crucial Vote at FIA Meeting image

Today the world’s governing motorsport bodies have met to vote on the future of FIA President Max Mosley following the Nazi orgy scandal, and we can now reveal that the resilient Max has won the vote.

140 motoring organisations from 96 countries convened in Paris today and the secret ballot went in favour of Mosley by 103 to 55 with seven abstentions and four invalid votes. The delegate from each body was called individually to a put their sealed envelope containing their vote in the ballot box which was then counted by FIA’s legal department privately.

Reactions are sure to come in from all directions over the next few days but ADAC has quickly responding to the vote by saying it views the vote “ with regret and incredulity”.

The scandal first broke back in March when a British Newspaper uncovered footage showing Max Mosley participating in a Nazi style orgy, an allegation he has consistently denied saying their was no racist activities involved.

UPDATE: In a new twist to the saga, ADAC, Europes largest automobile club has announced it is to withdraw from every FIA body and this decision will remain while Max Mosley remains in charge.