Adult involvement can reduce teen traffic casualties image

In the United States, traffic accidents are the leading cause of fatalities among teenagers. The reason – an explosive combination between a gross lack of maturity and driving experience, seasoned with a taste for assuming unnecessary risks.

That’s why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) “5 to Drive” campaign started – the agency considers that parents and other guiding adults can make a difference here if they choose to raise awareness about the critical aspects of driving safely a car.

US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx says that “young drivers remain the largest percentage of crashes and deaths on our roads and we must all do more to change that.” On a nationwide level, for young people aged 15 to 20 years, the leading cause of death is motor vehicle accidents. Federal data show that in 2012 no less than 4,283 young drivers (aged 15-20) were linked to car crashes with fatalities, 1,875 of them (44%) dying in the accident.

The campaign has been designed as an active part of the National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 19 – 25) and wants to decrease “the staggering number of motor vehicle crashes involving young drivers” and “encourage parents and guardians to set clear rules.”

Among the guidelines, we can find at the top the need to stop using he cell phone for calls or (worse) texting; the need to stop taking passengers (especially of the same age); enforce speeding rules; renounce to the usage of alcohol and always use the seatbelt inside the car.

Via Forbes