Adults More Likely to Text and Drive Compared With Teens image

A recent study shows that adults are more likely to text and drive compared with teens.

The study shows that 49% of the adults surveyed text while driving, although almost all of them acknowledge this is dangerous and that distracted driving is not safe. The majority of those who text while driving said that this has become a second nature and that this helps them feel more connected and productive.

The good news is that teenagers seem to be more responsible, as 43% of those surveyed said they use to text while driving. AT&T also found that parents have a big influence on their children’s behavior behind the wheel and that if they don’t have a rule against texting and driving, the teen will send messages while behind the wheel.

AT&T used these results in its “Texting and Driving . . . It Can Wait” campaign, aimed at encouraging drivers not to send messages while driving. The study also showed that the most effective deterrent would be a suspended license, followed by a $500 ticket. In Virginia, testing and driving is considered a primary offense and police can pull drivers over for sending messages while driving, instead of adding it on to another traffic offense.