Advices for a merry winter holiday car trip image

We’re not going to show you how to fend off that climactic in-law battle of words and wits, but rather give you a few sane pointers on how to deal with that long-awaited and planned winter car trip goes… North.

In many parts of the world, the US and Europe included, much of last winter was one for the tales – and not the fortunate ones, with record snow falls and bone-chilling temperatures. And as drivers gear up for that year-end holiday road trip the weather seems to be ready to deliver more of the same in 2014. If you’re not able or willing to snuggle in front of the chimney with a warm (electrical) blanket and a hot drink, you should venture ahead fully prepared, with caution and expecting the unexpected.

The wise travel experts at AAA suggest the first move would be preparing in the car an “emergency kit” – which should at least have a first-aid kit, a bag of abrasive material, a tow rope, snow shovel, flashlight, jumper cables, blankets, drinking water and plenty of snacks. Further on, the North Dakota Department of Transportation advises travelers to dress accordingly, have a charged cell phone and always notify ahead family and friends of the route and estimated arrival time.

While these should be sane measures form the start, we should remind the forgetful to always head out with a full tank of gas and, if possible, mostly drive under daylight. If conditions get worse (and they usually do), use the head and fog lamps, slow down a lot and leave enough room for your brakes to do the job (grip is not as great as on dry, summer pavement).

Via Forbes