Aerodynamic solution for the 911 Porsche Turbo from Techart image

Yesterday, Techart did announced a set of modifications for the engine. Today, Techart announced the aerodynamic solution for the 911 Turbo.

The front and rear aprons of the TECHART Aerodynamic Kit II optimize the airflow which results in an improved supply of cooling air to the radiators and intercoolers as well as to the front and rear brakes. In combination with the rear spoiler II, it reduces the aerodynamic lift at the front and creates increased downforce on the rear axle.


On the front of the car, Techart added a set of daytime running light system that combines daytime running lamps, position light, parking light and direction indicators in one LED system.


The display brightness of the daytime running lights automatically adjusts to the selected driving light. Furthermore, the TECHART daytime running light system, with E-approval and fulfilled ECE R87 regulations, dims automatically when either of the turning signals is active, in order to improve their visibility.