After 918 Spyder, another hypercar has reached the end of its production run – the McLaren P1 image

The British part of the holy trinity of hybrid hypercars is the well known and beloved McLaren P1 – but for those that were still saving their final pennys there’s some bad news – all 375 units of the run have been produced.

McLaren has announced recently it has reached the end of the production run for the P1 following the manufacture of the 375th car. Anyways all of them had been pre-sold even before production actually started back in the summer of 2013 and the associated images actually depict the first and last examples of the epic run. The initial P1 has been painted in an Ice Silver hue while the final unit has a more outstanding pearlescent orange paint job – and both and all those in between have been built through McLaren’s MSO unit. The Woking-based automaker also added proudly all of the 375 P1 units were actually bespoke since none resembled each other having been tailored specifically to the client’s exact wishes. For every P1 to be built were needed no less than 17 days and the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) was only delivering a car each day. Besides the 375 finished units, McLaren also used 13 experimental prototypes, 5 validation prototypes, as well as 3 pre-production units.

No less than 105 craftsmen were implicated in the build of each car and the man-hours for each P1 were on average around 800, with the most popular paint applied being the Volcano Yellow. McLaren added the P1 was taken on no less than 385,250 miles (620,000 km) during development – which is like circling the globe 15 times, with 33 percent of time spent on race circuits around the world.