After BMW, SGL Group sees rising interest in carbon fiber from automakers image

The German supplier SGL Group, which builds the carbon fiber reinforced plastics that are used to build BMW’s range of “i” models, said it’s now negotiating with other rival carmakers to deliver carbon fiber components.

The company’s chief executive, Juergen Koehler, said during an interview with German weekly business magazine Wirtschaftswoche on Saturday that talks with many carmakers have been started – aiming to extend carbon fiber usage to a wider range of automotive parts.

SGL is in talks with many manufacturers,” said the chief executive officer. “VW, in particular through Audi and Lamborghini, is also banking on high-volume use of carbon components. General Motors has also hinted recently that they want to use more carbon. Porsche is also very active,” quoted the publication.

He did acknowledge that the new contracts being negotiated now are not as big as the one with BMW, which saw SGL and the largest premium automaker in the world set up a joint venture. The new company was established to produce the necessary carbon fiber components for BMW’s i3 full-electric city hatchback and top of the line i8 plug-in hybrid supercar. A wide uncertainty over BMW’s “i” range of electric cars remains though, as the carmaker invested billions of dollars into their development and sales of electric cars have not yet picked up globally.

Via Automotive News Europe