After Ferrari, Maserati to also cap sales image

Although the subsidiary of Italy’s Fiat SpA will not have the same smallish limit as the super car producer, the automaker wants to cap its worldwide sales to retain the exclusivity aura of the brand.

Essentially a division of Ferrari, Maserati is adamant to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ plans to increase in the next five years the company sales and – most of all – profits. Fiat SpA, which in recent years has been hit by the European recession and a loss of traction in South America, traditionally a strong region for the maker, is betting on the luxury division and a revival of Alfa Romeo to return to positive results.

Now, Umberto Maria Cini, head of general overseas markets at Maserati, has declared that once the automaker reaches its goal to globally sell 75,000 units annually it will cap deliveries at that figure.

Back in 2013, the premium manufacturer only sold 15,400 vehicles worldwide, but the newly revamped line-up has seen huge demand increases so far in 2014. The brand recently announced it was on track to reach deliveries of 50,000 units in 2015, on its way to the ultimate goal of 75,000 cars annually, forecasted for 2018.

Currently Maserati produces the GranTurismo, the Quattroporte and the more affordable Ghibli, and plans to add to the roster in 2015/2016 a SUV, called Levante.

Via Automotive News Europe