The new Macan SUV is just being prepped for launch, but Porsche is not dwelling, already considering plans for a further expansion of the line-up, with what would be their seventh unique model line.

According to CEO Matthias Muller, who talked to reporters on the sidelines of the start of Macan’s production at the Leipzig complex, among the possibilities under review at the headquarters is another sedan, commonly referred as the “Baby Panamera.”

“We have six models but should have seven,” said Muller at the recently 500 million euro expanded center. He added that once final, the plans would move quickly to develop the new model.

While over the years Porsche purists have been appalled by the automaker’s move to develop, besides the iconic 911 and its derivatives, further model lines – especially the Cayenne SUV and the four door sport sedan Panamera. Still, numbers contradict them, as the Cayenne is today Porsche’s best-selling line, with 80,000 units sold last year.

And, as some company executives think the Macan SUV, which is smaller and cheaper than its older sibling, could soon match or overcome Cayenne’s sales, the Leipzig factory – with a current annual capacity of 50,000 Macans – could be pushed to produce more, according to Muller.


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