After Mercedes, Audi also hits record sales in Q1 image

It looks like the premium battle is hotter than ever, with third-place holder Mercedes-Benz increasing to record deliveries and now second-place holder Audi also reaching all-time high figures.

While the No.1 luxury brand in the world has not yet revealed its March and first quarter sales, Volkswagen’s premium brand was already in the lead for the first two months of 2014 – although it’s a very slender one.

Now, Audi has reported its March sales went up by 15.4% to an all-time monthly record of 170,450 units – thanks to improving sales in the core European region and very good Chinese growth.

“As the top European premium brand, Audi surely benefits disproportionately from the region’s unfolding recovery,” said Marc-Rene Tonn, analyst with Hamburg-based M.M. Warburg.

In Europe, which accounts for roughly half of its worldwide sales, deliveries were led by double-digit jumps in the very important markets of Germany and UK, growing overall by 7.2 % last month – fueled by increased demand for the A3 line. First quarter deliveries for Mercedes-Benz reached a record tally of 374,276 units, but Audi topped that with a total of 412,850 cars for the same period, an increase of 11.7% – greatly aided by a 21% jump in China sales.

Via Reuters