The 1997 world champion Jacques Villeneuve came close to returning to the grid in 2010, but the hopeful Serbian outfit Stefan GP was not granted an official entry.

The 1997 world champion came close to returning to the grid in 2010 with Stefan GP, but missed out when the team wasn’t granted an entry into the championship

“I’m pushing on anyway,” said Villeneuve, who was among the 12 drivers confirmed as having been in talks with the outfit headed by Zoran Stefanovich.

The French-Canadian said he is also ready to replace a current driver in 2010, and is maintaining his fitness with the help of a bespoke EUR400,000 machine conceived by his famous trainer Erwin Gollner.

“Last year showed that teams change their drivers during a season,” he said. “And the return of Schumacher and de la Rosa is a sign that experience is appreciated once again.”

Villeneuve also dismissed claims that Michael Schumacher’s age is his problem.

“Look at hockey,” he said. “Guys in their late 30s are still at world-class level. It’s because we’re all living much healthier and have gained ten years.”


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