After Tesla Model S in September, Nissan Leaf tops Norway’s October car sales image

Official data showed the Nissan Leaf was Norway’s best-selling car in October for the first time, extending a surprising streak of successes for electric vehicles after Tesla Motor’s Model S led September sales.

Last month, 716 Leafs were delivered, making up around 6 percent of Norway’s total sales volume of new cars. The Toyota Auris was second with 679 units and the Volkswagen Golf caught the last position in the top 3 with 646 cars. So far this year, the Leaf is Norway’s fourth best-selling car with a 3.2 % share of the country’s auto market.

“It’s the first month that the Leaf is on top,” said Paal Bruhn of the car retailers’ association, which compiles the statistics. “And it’s the first time with electric cars on top two months in a row.”

Tesla reigned in September with 616 units of its Model S luxury car, thanks to a shipment that met orders made during several months. Tesla sold 98 cars in October. Overall, in October, 925 electric cars were delivered in Norway, or 7 % of all sales – rising from 3 % in the same month last year, the association said.

Norway’s 5 million people have been among the most enthusiastic buyers of electric cars due to high subsidies, free parking and recharging points, avoidance of road tolls and use of bus lanes to avoid queues in commuting.

Via Automotive News Europe