Toyota did it again! The Japanese automaker announced a global recall of 1.53 million vehicles on Thursday because of brake and fuel pump problems.

Cars affected include some Lexus IS and GS models and possibly the Toyota Aurion and some SUVs. The production dates of these vehicles are not known.
By continent, Toyota is recalling 50, 000 vehicles in Europe, 60,000 in China, 30,000 in Australia and 50,000 in other Asian nations, said a Toyota spokesman in Japan. In the United States 740,000 cars have also been recalled.

In a statement from Japan, the company says: “In some cases, a small amount of brake fluid can leak from the brake master cylinder and as a result, braking performance may gradually decline.’’
Toyota had to recall more than 8 million vehicles worldwide late last year and early this year over problems with unintended acceleration.

Now we are wondering?? How much time Toyota will remain nr1 automaker in the world??


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