Again: Saab halt production because of supply problems image

Just after we announced that Saab seems to be ok, the automaker halted production again today (5 April) due to material shortages.

“Production is stopped right now. It was stopped this morning,” said Gunilla Gustavs, spokeswoman for Saab.

“We are working intensively to make sure the flow gets going again. We are having discussions with suppliers and doing our best to come to mutual agreements.”

She declined to say how long the production stoppage would last.

Muller said the company would not discuss possible differences with suppliers in public.

The Swedish carmaker’s owner Spyker Cars NV said on Monday that last week’s 3-day stoppage due to unpaid bills was a small glitch which the company would survive.
Spyker bought the struggling brand from General Motors Co. last year after securing a euro400 million loan from the European Investment Bank.
Saab lost euro218 million ($308 million) on sales of euro819 million in 2010. Muller has said he expects the company to turn a profit in 2012.