Agile Automotive SC comes from Denmark to fight… Lotus image

The new arrival on the scene of exotic sports car manufacturers, Agile Automotive, wants to deliver a 419-horsepower sports car that will rival well known lightweight specialist Lotus with a curb weight of just 1,870 pounds.

Agile Automotive is coming from Denmark and has just presented its new SC sports as a “Lotus rival,” with the performance details to back its claims – at least on paper. The company wants to bring to life two models, a road-going SC122, seen here in orange and beige and the track-focused SCX, the more aggressive black version. Both models will be constructed on a bespoke carbon fiber chassis, and have a range of performance credentials. The SCX will feature a Toyota 2.0-liter engine with 178 or 274 horsepower (132 or 204 kilowatts) – thanks to the addition of a supercharger.

Agile Automotive SC comes from Denmark to fight… Lotus 9

The SC122 meanwhile will be a lot more powerful thanks to a 3.5-liter V6 that packs 419 hp (312 kW). Both versions will have a weight of 600 and 850 kilograms (1,322 and 1,873 pounds) respectively, the SCX being the lightest, naturally. Both versions will also feature a standard five-speed manual or a seven-speed sequential transmission, with the carbon fiber chassis delivered by F1 veterans House of Composites, while the engine gets a central position.