Airlines Cancel Flights Because of the Tropical Rain Isaac image

Airlines cancelled over 700 flights due to the Tropical Storm Isaac which hit southeastern Florida Sunday, August 26th.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale were the ones affected the most, cancelling 589 flights, of the total of 742 US flights grounded due to the storm which began Sunday afternoon. American Airlines and American Eagle cancelled 486 flights, the last flight from Miami leaving at noon Sunday. The airlines expect to get back on normal this noon Eastern time.

Isaac, which already caries winds over 60 miles an hour, is expected to pick up strength when it will reach the open waters from the Gulf of Mexico, and hit as a Category 2 hurricane on Wednesday somewhere between New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle. Meteorologists believe that Isaac might cause as much damage as Hurricane Katrina did in 2005.

Travelers at the American Airlines terminal in Miami were watching how Isaac’s strong winds and rain were pelting the airport. At 7 a.m. today the check-in at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was completely empty, and United Airlines and its United Express affiliate cancelled 26 flights which were in the path of the storm.