Airports Extend Flight Cancellations to Over 1,400 Due to Storm Isaac image

Airports in the US have cancelled over 1, 400 flights from Sunday until today, due to the Tropical Storm Isaac.

Since Sunday, South Florida airports cancelled 1,092 flights and the number is increasing as the storm heads toward New Orleans and the U.S. Gulf Coast. United and Southwest have already announced their plans to cancel about 230 flights to New Orleans, leading the total number of cancellations to over 1,400.

As the storm is expected to become a Category 1 hurricane, with winds of 74 mph to 95 mph, all flights in and out of New Orleans have been cancelled. The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport announced that all flights were stopped Monday nights and there will be none scheduled for today. The cancellations may extend until Wednesday. Southwest Airlines added on Monday night three additional flights to help some passengers who had their flights already cancelled. No airplane left the airport today and no decision has been made yet about Wednesday.

Meteorologists said that if Isaac turns into a hurricane, it might cause as much damage and floods as Hurricane Katrina did in 2005, considered the deadliest and most destructive Atlantic hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.