Akio Toyoda wants all Toyotas to be fun to drive image

Toyota CEO Akio Toyota has said all models produced by the Japanese company must be fun to drive in the future.

Present at the Tokyo motor show for the unveiling of the GT 86 coupe, Toyota said: “I belive if it is not fun then it is not a car. There are many different ways of travelling from A to B, but a car must have an emotional presence that inspires drivers to enjoy the feeling of driving.”

The CEO also said that the increasing emphasis on environmental driving should not affect driving fun. “I believe that no matter how advanced we can become, it is important to keep the feeling of excitement,” Toyoda said. “Ultimately there is not only one choice of technology or future direction. It is up to the consumer to decide. Personally I like the smell of gasoline and sound of an engine, so I hope this type of vehicle won’t disappear,” Toyoda added.

During the presentation of the Prius Plug-In Hybrid, FCV-R fuel cell vehicle, FT-EV III electric car and Aqua hybrid, Toyoda also revealed the company’s new slogans, entitled „Reborn” and „Fun to drive, again”. According to the CEO, the first tagline underlines Toyota’s recovery from the earthquake disaster in Japan and flooding in Thailand, while the second is a revival of the 1980s slogan „Fun to drive”.