Al Capone’s armored Cadillac up for auction again image

Ever dreamed about owning a real „gangsta” car? Then look no further than RM Auctions’ next sale in Plymouth, Michigan, as the attraction will be Al Capone’s very own 1928 armored Cadillac.

Six years ago, the same car sold for $621,500 and now it is up for grabs again. The car was first restored 50 years ago, when most of the 3,000 pounds of asbestos-wrapped steel plate from the body panels were eliminated.

Capone’s ride spent most of its life as an exhibit in museums from the UK, Canada and the US. In 2006, car collector and attorney John O’Quinn bought the Cadillac from the Smoky Mountain Car Museum in Tennessee but three years later he dies. Now the Estate of John O’Quinn is selling the car.

RM Auctions estimates the car will sell for $300,000 – $500,000, following the 2010 RM Monterey sale, when the highest bid for the Caddy was just $355,000. Unlike 2010, now the car has a continuos history established since 1932, when Capone sold it.

The Cadillac was fitted with glass almost an inch thick, with the rear window rigged to drop quickly, allowing occupants to fire upon pursuers. The glass could be raised an extra inch or so, revealing a circular cutout large enough to accommodate the muzzle of a machine gun.