Alan Mulally has retired from Ford image

Today is the first day in which Ford, the second largest US automaker, has at the reigns its new chief executive officer – Mark Fields. But, most importantly, it’s the first day without Alan Mulally.

Mulally, which came from Boeing in 2006, could actually go down in history as the company’s most important CEO in modern history – as the prospect of being the company’s greatest executive is an impossible task due to the existence of one Henry Ford, the founder of the blue oval and one of America’s biggest industrial figures ever.

While unofficially Mulally already had passed the daily activities to his successor, yesterday marked his official last day at the US automaker – where he definitely made history in less than a decade.

For example, the Kansas native had the audacity to help Ford survive by putting a mortgage on the entire company – even the famous blue oval – in 2006 to raise cash. That move later turned to be adamant to the carmaker’s save from the brink of collapse – it was the only to skip bankruptcy in 2009, in stark contrast to GM and Chrysler.

He also turned around a well known for their fights management team, in which he made them work together and present accurate readings of the company, as opposed to the “flourished” versions of the past. He actually took the company through an extensive rework of its business and corporate culture.

He implemented the One Ford strategy plan – eliminating unnecessary duplicates – different regions of the world were having completely separate models, thus promoting the true globalization of the automaker – a move that brings millions of dollars in cost savings today.