Alert: Automakers halt Egypt production amid safety fears image

Due to the turmoil that has befallen Egypt, General Motors, Nissan, Daimler and BMW have shut down their plants in Egypt until the situation dies down.

Nissan has asked four employees at the factory to return to Japan for safety reasons. The plant in Egypt produced 10,000 autos last year, including X-Trail sport-utility vehicles and Sunny compact cars, the company said.
Similarly, Daimler asked some of its expatriate employees to return home to Germany due to safety concerns.
Initially, Daimler and Nissan said that production would resume later this week, but both automakers have extended shutdowns indefinitely.
General Motors has halted operations at its plant near Cairo to ensure the safety of its workers and is unable to say when production will resume.
On the same time, Toyota has announced that they alted employees from traveling to Egypt on business trips following a safety alert from Japan’s foreign ministry.
Moreover, according to Bloomberg, Volkswagen has stopped delivering cars to Egypt because the German automaker was worried that the vehicles would not reach their target dealerships.
In Cairo, lingering political turmoil has given rise to massive anti-government protests in the streets and increasingly rampant looting.