Alert: Toyota Prius owners complain about brakes image

More than 100 Toyota Prius drivers in the US and Japan have reported problems with the brakes on the latest version of the best-selling hybrid. Three drivers claim that the brake problems resulted in crashes that caused injuries.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received about 100 reports while 14 have been received in Japan. But Toyota Motor Europe said that it has not had any complaints.

A Toyota spokesman in Japan said that the complaints concerned driving in bumpy or icy conditions leading to an “unusual feel” to the brakes and a loss of braking ability.

One of the possible causes of the braking problems, according to the Kyodo News Service, is that a sensor in the system that controls braking power receives a strong shock that causes a malfunction.

Typically, the result is a sudden reduction of braking power while slowing down on bumpy roads.

The Japanese transport ministry has ordered Toyota to investigate the problems.