Alert: Toyota suspend car production in UK and France image

Toyota, the crisis-hit Japanese car maker, has announced it will be suspending production at its plants in Britain and France for 12 days from next week after a global sales dip following its mass safety recalls.

A spokesman for Toyota denied that the extension had been caused by the furore surrounding a recall involving nearly nine million vehicles worldwide and 190, 000 in the UK, although he admitted that “demand has fallen”.

Speaking on Friday, Nolasco said:

“One of the reasons has to do with revising our sales plans due to the negative effects of the recalls.

“The other reason is that we are getting ready to build a new hybrid vehicle in our UK plant.
“In that case it is very customary to close a plant for a few days, or even a few weeks.”

In early June, Toyota also plans to halt one of its two assembly lines at its Burnaston plant in Britain for another five working days, Ririko Takeuchi, a company spokeswoman said.
Toyota currently faces 138 potential class-action lawsuits over falling vehicle values and about 97 personal injury and wrongful death cases in federal courts across the US.