Alfa plan to introduce two suv’s image

As you may know already, Alfa Romeo CEO announced yesterday that the Italian brand wants to sale more than 500, 000 per year by 2014, from 102,000 last year.

It’s hard to believe that this will happen but it appears that the key in achieving these sales are SUVs and mid-sized models.
Both models will be built in the US with the first model being based on the Giulietta and launching in 2012. The second one is based on the Jeep Cherokee with a debut set for 2014.
The two SUVs are internally known as CSUV (Project 921, CXover possible model name) and D-SUV led (Project 931, model name DXover possible)

”With the new Giulietta (compact) Alfa has to repeat the success enjoyed by the 147 in its early years; while the new Giulia (mid-sized car) has to overcome the fiasco of the 159, which never even got close to sales of its predecessor, the 156,” Marchionne said.