Alfa releases 4C IFD accompanying bicycle image

The Italians are almost ready to release the 4C compact sports car and to stir a bit things up before its dealer release they also developed a high performance exclusive bicycle.

Made by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre and Compagnia Ducale, the bicycle is entirely crafted by hand in Italy and the acronym IFD (standing for ‘Innovative Frame Design’) places the accent on the intensive research aimed at making the frame as light as possible. As a result, the net weight of the bicycle is only 6,9 kilograms.

The structure fashioned as a simplified “4” is inspired by the dynamic; streamline style of the Alfa Romeo super car. The innovative “C”-shaped cross-section of the frame introduces a carbon-fibre half-tube structure made of the same high-tech material used for the chassis of the Alfa Romeo 4C for the first time in the world. The profiles converge dynamically towards the junctions of the handle bar, the chainset and the saddle to form structural strength points joined by steel tie-rods, which enhance the special construction of the frame.

Entirely crafted by hand in Italy for lovers of unique, exclusive objects, the limited-edition 4C bicycle is priced from 3500 to 9000 euro, according to equipment and will be available from December 2013 and marketed in Europe, Asia and America.