Alfa Romeo 6C planned image

The Italian based automaker Alfa Romeo is planning to develop a new 6C, which will be based on the Maserati Alfieri and it will be introduced over the next few years.

The reinventing of the Alfa Romeo brand is nothing new and part of that we can already see some impressive rides such as the expensive 8C or its smaller brother, the much more affordable 4C, which can be ordered in several markets, including on the Old Continent and over-seas. According to a recent report, that brand reinventing will also be including the upcoming 6C, which has been recently rumored out.

The guys from Auto Express are stating that the so-called Alfa Romeo 4C will be making its way into production in 2017 and it should be based on the Maserati Alfieri. The vehicle will be coming with a prominent front grille, LED headlights, a stylish exterior, the usual Alfa styling cues and several other tweaks to make it hot. The Alfa Romeo 6X is believed to be powered by the 3.0 liter V6 engine, rated at anywhere between 480 HP – 520 HP (358 kW – 387 kW). Production will be set to “a few thousand units”. More details on the subject remain unknown for the moment.