There’s one thing the Italians undeniably get right – automotive designs (ok, some would argue they get more things, but this one is of importance to us) and as such most of their designs are pretty flawless.

And that has taken the level of automotive design up a level in general as well – meaning those who dare play around with the Italian cars would first make sure they know all about delivering flawless works of art. And as such the apparition of the brand new Alfa Romeo Giulia midsize sedan has not only delivered the corner stone for the basis of the brand’s reimagination, but has also sparked a craze among rendering wizards for some time now. Since we’re so early in the new year we’re pretty much compelled to bring you uplifting stories to set the pattern right for the remainder of 2016. So, the Giulia morphed into a Coupe, a convertible, the obligatory estate and even a crazy pickup truck, or a compelling fastback and even as a competitor to the BMW X4 SAC. But now the Giulia has been translated into Alfa’s regular Coupe, a model that has been appreciated for its looks and discarded for its mechanical prowess (or rather lack thereof).

Anyways, this particular rendering work has also mixed with the Giulia elements taken from the 4C or Pininfarina’s 2uettottanta Spider concept. The out of the box concept will most likely be shelved on the hard drives of the rendering community but nevertheless its really great to see designers looking outside the box – the official ones so many times get bogged down by bureaucracy.

Via Alessandro Masera


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