Alfa Romeo Duetta to cost more than the MX-5 image

The Alfa Romeo Duetta, the model based on the Mazda MX-5, is expected to be more expensive than the Japanese roadster once it will hit the market.

The two car manufacturers Alfa Romeo and Mazda are currently working on a new roadster, which will be based on the successful MX-5 and it will come with Alfa Romeo badges on its body. Rumors say that the model will be named either the Duetta or the Roadster and, according to the guys at What Car?, the model will be more expensive than the MX-5.

The Japanese based automaker has announced that the roadster will get two distinct versions once it will be launched and the Alfa Romeo model will get a 1.3 liter Turbo engine, which will produce approximately 200 horsepower, and, in the best scenario, the roadster will be as expensive as the MX-5.

Besides the 1.3 liter Turbo engine, the Alfa Romeo roadster is also expected to get more powerful engines from the Fiat Group and these ones will be more expensive than the ones sold under the Mazda badge. The first models should make their way onto the market by 2015. No more details on this subject are known for the moment but we will keep you updated.

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    I wonder why this car is more expensive than MX-5. Hope we can see a clear basis.