According to a report published by UK’s Car magazine, Alfa Romeo plans to drop the Giulietta and the Mito hatchbacks sometime in 2015, and turn back to rear-wheel models.

According to CAR’s Georg Kacher this move is part of Alfa Romeo’s new and radical strategy which involves a tighter collaboration between the automaker and Maserati. Beginning with 2015, Alfa Romeo will introduce BMW’s 3-series rival, and in 2016 the 5-series rival, followed by two SUVs. The 2015 Mazda MX-5-based roadster and the mid-engined 4C will not be affected by this change, as they are already rear-wheel drive.

Although it is a radical move, it is not completely unexpected. Fiat-Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne has always praised the importance of rear-drive dynamics, which will make the automaker a tough competitor for Mercedes and BMW. This means that the long-delayed Giulia, will be postponed again from the launch set in 2014. Alfa Romeo is expected to launch at least four new models, among which two SUVs and two saloons.

‘Sure, design is important, Italian flair is important, top-notch quality is important’, an insider told CAR. ‘But it is impossible to challenge Audi, BMW and Mercedes if you cannot match the Germans in terms of vehicle dynamics and driving pleasure.’



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