Ok, this is a render coming from a digital artist. But since we already discussed the strong possibility of the Giulia to receive a station wagon brethren we’d like to take the opportunity to tell Fiat Chrysler Automobiles they need to hasten their release schedule.

The introduction of the Giulia itself has been a drag – only now arriving at European dealerships and with the US fans still waiting in line for its arrival early next year. Now the company has the possibility to start making money from long time fans in Europe. We’re talking about the guys and gals that previously owned a MiTo or another smaller Alfa back in the day and have now matured and have families and kids. They could be well served by the upcoming Giulia wagon. And we’re not expecting the real one to look vastly different from this render.

And think about the marketing impact the Giulia wagon in Quadrifoglio guise would have on the Nurburgring times. Yes, under the hood would be a Ferrari V6 engine and 505 hp sent to the rear wheels. We’re really hoping the rumors are true and the Giulia gets a station wagon at least in Europe and then we’re really hoping the designers get the proportions right once more. The Giulia Sportwagon could then take the fight to other high-performance station wagons as the sedan version did with the QV.

Via RMcardesign


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