Alfa Romeo Giulia SW looks real image

And there are a lot of chances of it hitting the market, considering that the 159 was also offered in a similar body style.

If you are looking into the newly unveiled Alfa Romeo Giulia and you’re not that excited about the four-door body style, chances are you will be adoring the station wagon, that is if the Italian based company will decide on giving it a go. And there are a lot of chances of seeing such a version of the vehicle in a local showroom especially since the 159 was offered in one and the competition is also allowing its customers the choice between a sedan and an estate.

The image posted above is nothing more than a simple rendering at this point and it has been signed by The model shown is in its standard specification and that means that you shouldn’t expect the range-topping goodies shown on the range-topping Giulia QV. Speaking of the Quadrifoglio Verde is not that weird because Audi will unveil an RS4 Avant of the new A4 generation and Mercedes-Benz has a C63 AMG Estate. BMW is not considering adding such a model to its lineup for the current generation but who knows, maybe things will change with the upcoming one. The current Giulia QV is making use of a six-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which is rated at 503 HP (375 kW), being sent to the RWD. The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration takes just 3.9 seconds. AWD will become available too, but as an option. You can read more about the new Giulia here.