Alfa Romeo investment push to deliver the future of the entire group image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the seventh largest automaker in the world, has decided that its five year investment strategy should bring front and center the revival of the Alfa Romeo brand.

FCA has its playing cards on the table. Jeep is the global brand ambassador, playing on its strengthening range of models that tap the worldwide jump in demand for crossovers and sport utility vehicles. The now independent Ram truck brand is firmly settling as the venue for pickups in America and the Dodge and Chrysler passenger car brands have reshaped their image and even axed competing models to avoid internal cannibalization. Fiat is being setup as the stylish brand to go but will have a niche role in the future because it relies on one product alone – the 500 and all its derivatives. So the Alfa Romeo brand will have to play a decisive role in setting up as a luxury contender – because the premium segment delivers massive profits. And the products engineered and delivered in Italy might be key to the long term expansion of FCA. But first of all they need to deliver a return on the planned 5 billion euro (about $5.5 billion) investment over the course of the next four years.

Naturally, if you’re playing in the premium league, success needs to come in the world’s largest market – the United States. Alfa Romeo has returned with the 4C coupe and spider and the results are naturally nothing to write home about. But in late June the first model offensive has been unveiled – the Giulia sedan. It will reach the United States late next year, months after the European introduction. And then every six months a new vehicle will come up to line into the showrooms as the brand will fill the voids in its planned eight-vehicle range that should be complete by 2019.

Via Automotive News Europe

  • Brush2000

    4c results “nothing to write home about”? Only if you think that every car available was sold is not very good.