After more than 15 years, Fiat will bring back the sporty brand in the US. According to a report from Autobild, the Italian automaker will storm the 2013 North American International Auto Show with five models.

We are talking about the Giulia, an SUV, the coupe 4C, a new version of Giulieta and the 2013 Mito. There’s also word of a new rear-wheel drive Spider – based on the Giulia or next-generation Chrysler Sebring – for 2014.

At its 1995 departure, Alfa Romeo was generally marketed as a boutique brand – and we say “generally,” because there was limited marketing support for the storied Italian brand.

This time, in order to succeed, Alfa’s strategy hinges on having a comprehensive dealer network stretching from coast to coast.

That means that existing Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealers will likely have first dibs in adding an Alfa Romeo presence to bolster their portfolio, though it doesn’t mean that Alfa and Chrysler products will be sold side by side.



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