Alfa Romeo now has 86 dealerships in North America image

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is moving on with its planned revival of the sporty European brand Alfa Romeo, with the company announcing the first 86 dealerships of the brand for the North American region.

None of the dealerships are newly established, as they have been doing business for the European side of the Fiat Chrysler company by either serving as Fiat or Maserati dealerships. There are 83 of them from the first and just three from the latter that have also gained access to the Italian Brand, These will start selling the limited-edition Alfa Romeo 4C sports car somewhere this year, marking the first return of the brand on US soil since 1996.

“This group of dealers represents the first phase in the Alfa Romeo dealer network selection process,” said Peter Grady, head of network development for Chrysler Group LLC.

FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne unveiled – part of the five-years strategy – that the company has the ambition to sell 150,000 Alfas within four years, a plan that was met with skepticism by analysts and observers, noting the automaker might not have the financial force to bring eight new Alfa Models into production by 2018. Grady noted the planned dealerships would reach within time at least 300 units throughout North America and more franchised dealerships would be added this year.

Via Reuters