To keep up the pace with its main rivals on technology, Alfa Romeo is developing a Tesla-style autopilot system for its new compact saloon.

Fiat-Chrysler has always been one step behind other major automakers in terms of high-tech offerings for its cars. But it is determined to change this status quo and the recent deal with Google is the best poof. FCA also has big plans for Alfa Romeo and it really hopes that the new Giulia sedan will bring the badge back into the game. And considering that autonomous technology will soon play a key role within the industry, the automaker plans to quickly respond to the trend by developing a system similar with the one found on Tesla models and to fit it for the first time in Giulia. This news has been brought by Alfa and Maserati boss Harald Wester himself, who revealed FCA’s intentions during the launch of the Giulia in the UK.

“We have been asked several times whether such technology is in contrast with a brand like Alfa Romeo. I think the opposite is correct,” he said, quoted by Autocar. Wester is a strong believer of the self-driving technology and such systems will soon make their entrance in many FCA models, with Alfa’s new executive sedan opening the road into this direction. However, he said that more time is needed for the fully autonomous cars to be deployed be the automaker and we should not expect them any sooner than 2024.

Via Autocar


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